by David Harrower

Pillsbury House Theatre and

The Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis


Stephen Yoakam and Tracey Maloney

Best Production 2008

Best Actress

Best Director

Twin Cities Drama Critics

Scenery by Joe Stanley

Lights by Mike Wangen

Sound by Andrew Mayer

Costumes by Heidi Hunter-Batz

Photos by Michal Daniel

















"Edgy originls us gasping an

Minneapolis St
















































" Here was the perfect storm of script and onstage talent.

Stephen DiMenna crafted an absorbing white-knuckle ride through

emotions both familiar and otherwise."

"Ambiguous, painful, fleetingly tender, this production

insinuated itself into the memory, and it won't

soon go away."

- Quinton Skinner , CITY PAGES

" Director Stephen DiMenna steers the tone with assurance.

The production manages to convey a sweetness beneath

the transgressions that humanizes the characters."

"DiMenna pulls off the double trick of coloring his

characters in resonant, sympathetic tones, then jarring us back to reality"

"The theatrical equivalent of a last punch to the gut"

- City Pages



"You will not want to miss BLACKBIRD.

Taughtly directed and wonderfully, courageously acted."

""There are dramatic pleasures aplenty"

"Edgy originality... it leaves usgasping and wondering."

- Minneapolis StarTribune



" A thought-provoking show with fine

acting and intelligent staging power"

- St. Paul Pioneer Press