By Morris Panych

Westport Playhouse

Mark Lamos, Artistic Director

Westport, Connecticut

Transfered to New York Fall 2009

Produced by Daryl Roth

and Angelo Fraboni


Timothy Busfield and

Helen Stenborg

Scenery by Andromache Chalfant

Lights by Ben Stanton

Sound by Daniel Baker

Costumes by Ilona Somogyi




















" A tart and tasty production...hillarious, quirky and heartfelt.
Panych's wickedly dark script and
Stephen DiMenna's deft helming....bring about an audience stunner
that gets one of the biggest sustained laughs in memory.
Timothy Busfield has a field day with it"




" A delcicious surprise...a rewarding, eloquent and

satisfying production. "

Stephen DiMenna makes it more than just a funhouse farce.

It's a small gem"

- The New York Times



" An outrageously comic and heartfelt abusrdist comedy.

DiMenna directs with contrasts between

poignancy and macabre humor."

" A rollicking journey that must be seen to

be believed.




" Timothy Busfield is downright riotous.

A brilliant and relentlessly funny production."

"We laugh spontaneously at the absurdity, but when

we catch out breath, we are deeply moved."